Politic, too politic 政治的,太政治的

Disappearing of victory 胜利的消失

Year of production 年代: 2012
Running Time 时长: 6:15 min
Color 黑白 / Sound 有声

 A gray walking 灰色行走

Year of production 年代: 2013
Running Time 时长: 3:14 min
Color 彩色 / Sound 有声
Exhibition format 展示形式: 2 screens video installation 双屏录像装置


I did two time's walking from a far point to near on a railway.The first time I carried a rad panel, the second time I carried a green panel. I overlap the videos when I peoject them on the screen, the overlaped area of red and green becomes gray, because I shoot the two times' walking on the same point.



Communist moon 共产主义之月

Year of production 年代: 2013
Running Time 时长: 3:22min
Color 彩色 / Mute 无声

Two soldiers 两个战士

Year of production 年代: 2014
Running Time 时长:15:14 min
Color 彩色 / Sound 有声/ 双屏录像装置 2 channels video installation