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三原则 Three Principes

奔马与转椅 A Turning Chair Under a Running Horse

飞鸟不动 A Flying Bird Does Not Move

奔跑直到永远 Forever Running

11 刀 11 Knives

我们的旗帜 Ours Frag

吹刀 Blowing a Knife

锯浪 Sawing Wave

柔软的车座 A Soft Bike Saddle

分享一个勺子 Sharing a Spoon

摇烛 Swinging Candle

除虫 Searching Insects

你-衣架 You-Hanger

抽烟的烟斗 Cycling Pipe

啄眼 Pecking Eyes

牙齿或者兔子 Tooth or Rabbit

主观视角 Subjective View

走钢丝的牙齿 A Wire Walker

一个直角 A Right Angle

锁骨之歌 The Song of the Collarbone

杯中指 Middle Finger in a Glass

是否鲁宾 Yes & No Rubin

G023 是否咖啡 Yes & No Espresso

脑雨 A Raining Brain

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